Commission Combing

Customers and companies can make use of Lanas Trinidad’s infrastructure and know-how to scour and comb their own wool.

Environmental Services

The company’s industrial plant, located in Uruguay’s Trinidad, offers a variety of environmental services pertaining to waste-water treatment to customers and companies.

- Industrial Effluents

Sustainability and environmental awareness are two of Lanas Trinidad’s priorities. It is in this context that the company has developed a service for the treatment of industrial effluents.

Lanas Trinidad is convinced that the pursuit of quality goes beyond the customer’s satisfaction and the company is thus committed to the preservation of the environment and the reduction of its industrial impact. All the company’s supplies are biodegradable, and the work is done in accordance with strict ISO regulations and demanding quality controls.

Lanas Trinidad’s commitment is to leave a better world for future generations.

In order to become environmentally friendly, one of the measures taken by the company in the 1990s was the building of a dam with a capacity of 1 million cubic meters, and a 7 km-long aqueduct to transport the water to the industrial plant for its use in the wool scouring process. 100% of Lanas Trinidad’s wool is washed with rainwater. After the extraction of wool grease, the remaining water is biologically treated in more than 20 anaerobic and aerobic pools within a site of 140 hectares. The quality of the water in these pools fulfils all legal requirements, and the company uses it for the irrigation of trees and forage.

The methane gas produced by the anaerobic treatment of the effluent waters is captured in a pool the size of a football pitch covered with a polyethylene membrane. The methane gas is later used for the generation of electricity. In so doing, Lanas Trinidad reduces over 95% of its greenhouse emissions.