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Getting to know the wool...

Wool is a biodegradable, hygroscopic, sustainable and renewable natural fibre. Moreover, wool excels in other qualities such as being fire-retardant, elastic, resistant to odour, non-polluting and recyclable.

Wool is suitable for all climates and all seasons.

Lanas Trinidad’s main products are introduced below. All of the company’s deliveries are consolidated in shipping containers and the company oversees all shipments and deliveries; from the plant to the customer.

- Wool Tops - NCM 51.05.2

Lanas Trinidad makes wool tops of the finest quality ranging from 16.5 to 32 microns and offers bobbins or bumps of different weights, customised for its clients.

The company also produces organic combed wool tops under GOTS-certification by Ecocert. Furthermore, Lanas Trinidad combed wool tops can be either RWS-certified (Responsible Wool Standard) by Textile Exchange and/or Nativa-certified by Chargeurs.

Lanas Trinidad’s traceability system allows the wool to be tracked throughout the industrial process, from the farm to the customer.

The company only uses biodegradable, organic and antistatic compounds in the wool combing process.

- Scoured Wool – NCM 51.01.2

Lanas Trinidad produces top-quality scoured wool fleeces using organic and biodegradable detergents only.

Lanas Trinidad’s scoured wool can be either GOTS-certified by Ecocert, RWS-certified (Responsible Wool Standard) by Textile Exchange and/or Nativa-certified by Chargeurs.  Certifications

- Greasy Wool – NCM 51.01.1

In addition, Lanas Trinidad offers greasy wool, in its raw state, as it comes from farms, sorted by quality so as to satisfy the customer’s needs.


- Noils/Blousse – NCM 51.03.1

Noils, or Blousse, is the short fiber left over from the combing of wool. Lanas Trinidad can produce noils which are GOTS-certified by Ecocert, RWS-certified  (Responsible Wool Standard) by Textile Exchange and/or Nativa-certified by Chargeurs. Certifications

- Wool Grease – NCM 15.05.00

Wool grease is a natural byproduct of sheep wool scouring and is extracted by centrifuge machines after the wool has been washed.

The wool grease that Lanas Trinidad produces is later refined by our customers to obtain lanolin, a raw material used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries for multiple purposes.