Corporate Social Responsibility

Beyond its legal requirements, Lanas Trinidad aims to actively contribute to the development of the local communities involved in its industry in a sustainable and responsible way. The company works to improve the economic, social and environmental conditions of these communities. The operational staff of Lanas Trinidad and their regular service providers belong 100% to the local communities.

To that end, a variety of community projects are currently being carried out with the objective of committing to the development and wellbeing of the people close to the company. Some of these ongoing projects are:

Improvement of working conditions

Lanas Trinidad looks after its workers and their families. The company respects and safeguards their collective and individual rights, and strives to anticipate their needs, taking care of their health and safety.

Community commitment

Lanas Trinidad supports projects that promote a better quality of life for the population of its community by means of providing support to schools. Lanas Trinidad’s support ranges from the provision of infrastructure and equipment, to the development of plans to retain rural teenagers in education and reduce the number of school leavers. The company also sponsors organic farming in primary and secondary schools (DESEM) and participates in diverse local events in Durazno and Trinidad.