Environmental Care

Lanas Trinidad makes environmental care a priority. It has developed a clean industry, fully committed to the preservation of the environment.

Approximately 800 cubic meters of water are used daily in the wool scouring process. To secure self-sufficiency, Lanas Trinidad has built a dam with a 1 million cubic meter capacity, and a 7 km-long aqueduct stretching  from the dam to the industrial plant. The dam collects rainwater, a natural and renewable resource, thus avoiding the usage of rivers and subterranean aquifers for the treatment of wool.

The company has dedicated a 140-hectare plot of land for the treatment of effluent waters stemming from the extraction of wool grease. The effluent waters are treated with organic and biodegradable substances in anaerobic and aerobic procedures. Lanas Trinidad is a leading company in the treatment of effluent waters and has incorporated a compact and more efficient system to their extensive treatment of anaerobic pools. This system allows for the capture of biogas and thus reduces the company’s greenhouse emissions by 95%. It also provides the company with a source of electricity from biogas.

At the end of this water-treatment process, the purity and quality of the water surpasses all legal requirements for it to be drained into natural water streams. However, in line with its circular economy ethos, Lanas Trinidad does not drain the recycled water into natural water streams, but uses it for irrigation of trees and forage instead.

The agricultural irrigation of trees prompts their faster growth, thus contributing to the amelioration of CO2 emissions, which are one of the main causes of the greenhouse effect.

Moreover, Lanas Trinidad promotes natural diversity in the treatment pools by means of growing native species of trees and sedges, such as southern bulrush and southern cattail, which are later used by local artisans.

The self-sufficient cycle involving the collection and supply of rainwater, and the treatment of effluent waters has implied an investment of over USD 15,000,000.