Renewable Energy

The final stage of Lanas Trinidad’s effluent water-treatment system involves the capture of methane gas to generate electricity supplying the industrial plant. The remaining surplus is added to the national electricity grid.

On the other hand, the plant’s heating system is fed exclusively by non-native wood grown especially for this purpose on the company’s land. This is a renewable source of energy which helps preserve the atmosphere and the balance of the ecosystem.

In addition to the electricity produced by Lanas Trinidad, the company buys energy from the Uruguayan national electric grid. In this sense, it is worth mentioning that 99% of Uruguay’s energy is renewable, and it comes from biomass, solar panels, wind farms and hydroelectric dams.

Therefore, Lanas Trinidad is proud to showcase that 99% of the electrical matrix of the plant comes from natural and renewable sources.

Note: Uruguay has no nuclear plants and buildings of them are forbidden by law in our country.